Why you need artificial cheat likes on YouTube

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Опубликовано: 05 мая 2022, 18:46

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If you decide to become a YouTube blogger and start your own channel with what you think is great video content, then, in addition to all other promotions, you will need to increase the number of likes for each video as much as possible. What is it for? The reason is simple: so that every user who wanders into your channel thinks that your video is a masterpiece that a huge number of people like. Sooner or later, you will find your permanent contingent of viewers, which will be regularly replenished with new users.

Benefits of boosting likes

In addition to the above-mentioned positive perception of a large number of likes by channel viewers, this method also has a good viral effect. That is, the user who watched the video and liked it, receives a link to it in the section of the liked video on his account. Any other person who clicks on this link also views the video and likes it. As a result, views and subscriptions to your channel grow like a snowball.

Among other things, with the help of likes, you can earn real money, in addition to contextual advertising. Suppose, in order to promote your own channel faster, you agree with some successful blogger that he will like your video for a certain amount. The benefits are mutual:

The blogger receives monetary compensation for his like, which means for a part of his contingent who will be distracted by viewing your material;
You get additional traffic that will help promote your channel.
There are special web resources specializing specifically in increasing the number of likes. For example, a good cheat likes on YouTube here

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